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We customize our crates and boxes to meet our customers shipping needs using materials specified to design and build to meet exact measurements to provide protection to your products during the shipping. 

We custom design & build wood crates for a wide variety of industries including aerospace, telecommunications, electronics, computers, machinery, automotive and more. Heat Treated, IPPC Stamped wood crates certified for shipping overseas. We provide a crate maker to assist you with your Houston crating needs, in-house or on-site, and our customers trust us for on-time delivery 

We provide southern yellow pine pallet cut stock. We understand the specific requirements of your pallet raw materials and export regulations for shipping products internationally. Our capabilities include deck lumber, straight stringers, notched stringers and blocks. 

We specializes in manufacturing specialty southern yellow pine lumber pallets with a full understanding of the various customized specifications of our customers it is our niche to meet the needs of our customers in both production variations and quantities. We are certified to stamp pallets with the ISPM 15 requirements for debarking, as well as bark free pallets and custom pallets for countries that have additional requirements. 

We re-mill and manufacture wood products. We mill lumber to sizes the lumber mills don’t produce, we can cut to size southern yellow pine to meet your specialty needs.

Shipping Products  -   ISPM 15 certified for export
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Home    /Products   /Services    /About Us    /Contact Us

Associated Lumber is a WBE (women-owned), DBE (disadvantaged), and HUB (historically underutilized) certified business. We are honored to serve our customers with quality and integrity in services and products. Associated lumber is committed to sustainable processes. Contact us regarding re-furbishing pallets, custom pallets, and pine shavings for stable bedding, as well as, prefabricated construction products.

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Production of wood products include:

  • Notched and Grooved lumber
  • HT or Dunnage Stamping

Specialized Services:
  • Re-claiming / Re-furbishing services 
  • HT Stamped Material for Export ( Heat Treated ) 
  • Custom cut-to-length 
  • Re-sawn lumber 
  • Band or Dato Grooved 

Standard Product Dimensions:
  • Cut-to-size notched pallet runners 
  • Cut-to-size Deck boards
Texas Manufacturer of Specialized and Custom Wood Shipping Products